Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jane Austen, Me, and My Addiction

I was up past 3 am last night. Sounds like I have a very active party life. The reality is, I was watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries, the one with Colin Firth. Not so bad until I admit that I did something similar Firday night. I was still watching episodes of a Jane Austen inspired webseries (it's fantastic) when dawn arrived.

There is something magical about the stories Austen told. I even enjoy the spin off stories, adaptations, and modernizations. I just picked up Lost in Austen and All Roads Lead to Austen from the library. And last week I watched Austenland and Bride and Prejudice with a friend. I think I have a problem.

I don't really have a solution, especially since the fictitious Austenland immersion experience isn't an option. This post is just me confessing that I am on an all-thinks-Austen-spree and share the two webseries I am enjoying the most.

My current Austen binge started when YouTube suggested I watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries again. I first watched the whole web-series over a two years ago. It's so much fun, if you like Pride and Prejudice I highly recommend it:
Through that series I discovered Emma Approved, which is equally wonderful and I think my favourite adaptation of Emma. It took me a few episodes to like Emma. Mr. Knightly is perfect from the start. By the end of the third episode I was hook. This is what lead to Friday's all night binge.
So much fun!

So that's what's going on in my world. Do you have any re-occurring obsessions? What is your favourite Jane Austen novel? Do you have a book or movie adaptation I should try? Please leave a comment below. Any recommendations on managing this current novel addiction are also welcome.

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Sharon Stocking said...

Hi Liz I have this BBC series and watch it quite often. Love the story and the series too. Austin fan, love the period movies from this matter the author. It's really a different world and not one I'd like to live in because women are not able to do much without a man in their life. I like this era to live in much better. The romance though is hard to beat!
Glad to know you enjoy Austin also.