Saturday, June 06, 2015

Daily Writing Warm-Up #6

A List
Time: 5 min

Today's prompt is an exercise is from Naming the World and other Exercises for the Creative Writer, you can find it in the section of Daily Warm-Ups.

Spend five minutes listing all the things you'd be doing right now if you weren't making yourself write.

Blog Achievement: this is my 1500th post! I really didn't think I would ever have this many articles or that I would still be blogging 10 years when I started in 2005.


Amai said...

Congrats on the achievement, that's pretty epic. I was a little uninspired by this one, but figured I would give it a go, and was glad I did. The first five were easy and obvious, but the rest... Actually thinking about what I might practically be doing (not flying to the moon) and what each choice said about me, and what I do with my time. Very introspective, and kind of inspiring. Now I'm off to actually do item one on my list... let the dog in out of the rain.

Amai said...

Not to comment spam you, but this exercise reminded me of a quote I read recently "The average child can come up with sixty alternatives for any situation. The average adult can only think of three to six."

Which matches about what I got off the top of my head. When I pushed (not to the point of breaking, just for the five) I got to 28. Apparently this is good prompt for regaining ground lost to adulthood. :)

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad it was not boring. I am actually really pumped people are participating with me. I liked the comment about the average child; do you remember where you read it? I also enjoyed the introspection of this list. For me that makes 3/25

Anonymous said...

Liz - can't you catch up? I did.
I suddenly remembered this challenge - on Day Four.
After some concentrated scribbling, I was caught up to three of four.

The prompts are mutually exclusive and therefore do not rely on having done any previously; so doing several at one time does not provide an unfair advantage.

In fact, it may be a better way ... the "chopping and changing" from one prompt to another makes the mind stretch even further than just concentrating on one each day.

Whichever way it should be done, thanks for this.

jandhj2 AT yahoo DOT ca
(For a real e-mail address, change the caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)

Amai said...

Page 31 of Artist's Block Cured! 201 ways to unleash your creativity - by Linda Krall and Amy Runyen. It's number 47. I don't know how is a 'way to unleash creativity' but I found it interesting. They should have had your prompt in there as a solution to that information, rather than just putting that in there and letting you figure out the way to use it. :)

Elizabeth said...