Saturday, June 20, 2015

Daily Writing Warm-Up #20

A List
Time: 5 min

Today's prompt is an exercise is from Naming the World and other Exercises for the Creative Writer, you can find it in the section of Daily Warm-Ups.

Spend five minutes listing verbs and nouns that have to do with the ocean.


Amai said...

You'd think it would be more of a habit as the month went on, but I seem to keep finding myself at the end of a busy day, realizing I have yet to do the prompt. Yesterday at twenty to eleven, on the highway home from Halifax it occurred to me I would not get home in time. So we pulled over, I scrounged for paper and pencil, and wrote by the light of a cellphone. It was not a good story, but I wrote it by midnight. And instead of learning from that, I remembered again tonight at 11.

Elizabeth said...

I have also been remembering late and have been using the "day" ends when I go to bed a few times. So far I'm 16 of 25