Friday, October 15, 2010

The 20/20 Home Cure: Should I Do It?

There are only two possible choices:
"Yes, I will participate in the 20/20 Home Cure"
"No, I will not participate"
It should be a simple decision to make, right? Right, Only it's not. I am torn. Sorry, torn makes it sound like this is an earthy shattering decision. It's not earth-ending; I'm just indecisive. On the one hand I would like to try it out on the other am I too busy.

The Pros:
1) I want to do this. I specifically signed up for the Apartment Therapy daily emails so that I wouldn't miss their next Home Cure challenge.
2) It is short. The challenge only last 20 days.
3) It's not time consuming. Daily tasks should only take 20 minutes.
4) I hate how disorganized, clutter-filled, and unfunctional (which isn't a word but it works) my apartment is. The whole atmosphere of the place makes me not want to be there...this could help. This could make a difference.
5) If not now then when? It's easy to say "oh I'll do that later, tomorrow, or someday" but if I don't start doing stuff I want to now it might not ever happen.

The Cons:
1) It goes till November 12 therefore it overlaps with NaNoWriMo writing time.
2) My schedule is very busy and I am not home often.
3) I don't want to start another project and not complete it.

And looking at the list the cons seem more pathetic than they had in my head while the pros seem more reasonable or important. So I am going for it. Starting October 18, 2010 I'll going to participate in Apartment Therapy's 20/20 Home Cure. I feel like I should push one of Staples' red easy buttons, "That was easy."

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