Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Oct 13

Last Week's Recap:
At Espada, Jimmy "T" spends most of the time telling anyone who will listen how great he is. I don't think his mouth is planning for a long term game.

At La Flor, NaOnka shares the clue with Brenda, who figures it out. They find the idol together. Then NaOnka takes the credit "I figured it out." Right. She also spends time bullying Kelly B. As Alina said, "She took down a girl with one leg. How sick is that?"

At the challenge players were blindfolded and tied together with a partner. One member was the caller for the whole group. Those blindfolded had to retrieve a number of items first. The reward was immunity and the choice of a tool box, fishing gear and a tarp. La Flor used the "Medallion of Power" which gave them two items head start and ultimately the victory, sending Espada back to tribal council.

In La Flor's reward Chase finds a clue. He figures it out and shares his find with Brenda. While searching for the the "idol" Brenda shares that the "hidden" idol's been already been found by NaOnka.

Back at Espada, there is a post game meeting Jimmy "T" tells the group things would have been different if he had been given more of a chance to lead. When asked exactly what he would have done differently to ensure the win Jimmy "T" couldn't given an example. My question is do you really want to be stirring up trouble and bad feelings the day of a tribal vote? While fishing he calls Marty out for not being a "team player" sealing his fate. Marty makes rounds and convinces the tribe to side with him. At council with a vote of 5 to 3 Jimmy "T" was the fourth person voted out and 16 castaways remain:

1) Best way to get your self voted off Survivor is to keep talking, as Marty said about Jimmy "T" "...just likes to hear his own voice. He is obnoxious. If I give him enough rope, he will eventually hang himself."
2) Kelly B., Jill, and Chase are still my favourites.
3) I'm strongly disliking NaOnka as a person and I don't care for her Survivor strategy either.
4) It looks like this week the teams are going to be switching. I wonder if the producers aren't happy with the young vs. old mix.

Predictions for Oct 13:
I'm not sure what to think, if the tribes are mixed up how can I make any predictions. It's going to be a new gave. If it stays the same think Espada will use the "Medallion of Power" to win the Immunity.

If La Flor goes to tribal council Alina will be going home she voted against the majority of the tribe last week and is on the outside.

If Espada goes to tribal council Danny will be going home. He was tragetted last week as a weak player and is in serious danger of going home.

If it's a "new tribe" going to council...I think NaOnka or Danny would be in trouble.

If you want to catch up on Survivor you can find episodes at (for Canadians) or CBS has all things Survivor for US fans.

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