Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 10: Half Way There!

Ten days in with only ten to go. Half way is a beautiful thing; I want to do a dance or something. Even better I did today's 20/20 Home Cure assignment, which is make a list of the top six home needs. I did a list of needs and wants for each room. Complying the list together my top six home needs are:
  1. A new bed
  2. A welcome mat and/or long rug for the entryway
  3. Hang the invisible bookshelves (I own two)
  4. A coffee table
  5. New Curtains
  6. Art work that inspires me
I found my camera this week. Here are the flowers I bought as part of Day 7's assignment:

And lastly, I have new hair. Well, same hair with a new look. This is the first time I've done this style or been this dark:

2 Days till NaNoWriMo

1 comment:

Jecca said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Love your hair too!

I found the cutest little vases yesterday at Target. They're only a few inches high. Maxwell inspired me last week and I decided I would seek some out. I'll be filling them this weekend with the last of our little flowers outside, still hanging on in spite of the cold.

It's funny...I am gaining a roommate today, so I am moving all my stuff into the upstairs part of the house (bedroom, bathroom, and closed in porch area) and I'm actually already doing all the Apartment Therapy challenges in the process. It sure does feel good.