Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quote of the Month

There are days that I wished I had a tape record with me to capture the things people say. People say the best lines, especially kids. Most of the time I just forget the words but this month I tried to remember what was said till I could write them down. Here are some of the ones I remembered:

Little Boy age 4: I'm going to draw the One True God with a mustache because God has a mustache.

Boy gr. 2:
When we lived in our other country....
Me: Oh, what country did you use to live in?
Boy: British Columbia

Boy gr. 2: I could be a pastor. I have pastor skills.
Me: Oh really? What are these skills?
Boy: Well, the pastor reads the Bible story a lot so he knows it a little better that the kids when he tells it. And he sings the songs lots of times till he memorizes them all. That way he call tell the musicians what instruments to play.
Me: Anything else?
Boy: Nope that's everything.
A little while the same boy informed me that Pastor's know a lot but they don't always know more than kids. "Some times kids no more about stuff, like about dinosaurs. Pastors don't know everything about dinosaurs. Did you know..." I was then entertained by a detailed paleontology lesson.

Gr. 8 boy "Pastor Liz, WHAT DID you do to your hair?!?

All of the following are from my friend Joel's sermon at the Oct 17 RITV. Each statement brought me great joy:
  • "Tax collectors were so -GRRR!"
  • "Or her, girls can be scary too!"
  • "And then Jesus whacks him in the face [pause] with the truth."
  • "What if we knew we were going down that tunnel to turn into bacon?"
  • "As the worship team comes were going to sing to God. And I have to say, this song really kicks my butt"
Not really sure which takes home the prize as "quote of the month." Which one do you like or do you have a quote to add?

4hrs 43min till NaNoWriMo

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