Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Oct 6

Last Week's Recap:
I love the post council debrief every week, last week's was truly hilarious. Everyone was talking team spirit and unity...till NaOnka in her interview said it was all fake and never going to happen. I agree, while she's in the tribe there will be no unity.

At Espada, Marty shares with the tribe that he found the hidden idol, because Jill told him to. Some see this as a great act of faith and team empowering. Others think Marty is shady and just working the tribe.

At the challenge La Flor chose not to use the Medallion yet still won the reward. The prizes were immunity and a basket full of food. Kelly B saw the next hidden idol clue so helped carry it back to camp. NaOnka saw Kelly B looking at the prize and then noticed the clue. She helped carry the loot back to camp but as soon as she could she knocked Kelly off balance and fought her for the clue. Naonka told the cameras "If she gets in my way again, I will push her so hard her damn leg will fly off."

The lost for Espada meant that they were going back to tribal council. There was the usual scramble.It looked like Danny was in trouble. But Marty made a power play to get Jimmy Johnson. In the end the majority agreed with Marty, it will be interesting to see who will come out on top in the newly created leadership vacuum.

After the arguments simmered down, with a vote of 7 to 3 Jimmy Johnson was the second person voted out and 17 castaways remain:
1) I discovered Jeff Probst's blog today. I didn't realize he doesn't watch the footage from the tribes camps during the filming. I love reading his thoughts on the players and agree with all of it.
2) Think it is going to be interesting to see who steps up as a leader at Espada
3) Kelly B., Jill, and Chase are still my favourites.
5) I'm disliking Sash, NaOnka, Marty, and Jimmy "T".

Predictions for Oct 6:
I think La Flor will use the "Medallion of Power" to win the Immunity.

If Espada goes to tribal council Danny will be going home. He was tragetted last week as a weak player and is in serious danger of going home. OR it will be Jimmy "T" he was very outspoken at tribal council last week, talking big about being a great leader. He might have ruffled feathers and painted a target on his back.

If La Flor goes to tribal council Alina will be going home she voted against the majority of the tribe last week and is on the outside.

If you want to catch up on Survivor you can find episodes at (for Canadians) or CBS has all things Survivor for US fans.

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