Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 before 30 Reset

Oh, two posts in one day, special. I really liked the first post, so if you have time please read both. Why two posts on October 26th? Well the first was to keep me accountable to the Home Cure. This one is because it's exactly six months till my 30th birthday and the end of my 30 before 30 Challenge. Making it the perfect time to evaluate my progress, better define some tasks, and reset others if necessary. More importantly it is to help kept my goals in sight. So, I guess, all of today's writings are about accountability.

30 Before 30 Reset*:
1) Read through the Bible -still going to happen, I have yet to start
2) Memorize the Book of James -slowing working on it
3) Run 5km -it was originally "run a 5km race" but I missed the only race I could have participated in till next summer and I still want to run 5km race or no race.
4) Jump out of an airplane -it will happen...maybe April
5) Learn to cook a new amazing “mouth-watering” meal -DONE!
6) Double the number of constellations I can find (I currently can locate the Big Dipper, Orion, Cassiopia, and sometimes the Little Dipper and Draco)
7) Learn to crochet -I have someone willing to teach me.
8) Finish my 2008 NaNoWriMo story -not really interested in this story at this time
9) Edit my 2009 NaNoWriMo story -I did...still needs a lot of work
10) Participate in Nanowriomo 2010 -begins in six days
11) Take a class/seminar/course -DONE!
12) Study a second language (French, Hindi, Japanese?) -totally forgot about this one. Not sure what to do
13) Sleep under the stars -Have plans to do in April
14) Make a travel scrapbook -Have yet to start
15) Read 12 non-fiction books -9/12 read
16) Explore a new city -will be when I attend the Gathering in January
17) Draw/paint 12 pictures -completely forgot about this. Not sure if it's possible any more.
18) Be thankful (52 weeks of Thankful Thursdays) -been consistently working on this one.
19) Take photo booth pictures -had three...would like a few more. It's expensive to do on a regular basis
20) Host a murder mystery -will do in the new year
21) Unpack all the boxes in my office/storage room -I don't want to anymore. It's hard :(
22) Mail 52 letters -this one had to be changed I didn't send a single letter the first six months
23) Take a whole day to hang out with my sister
24) Watch a play/musical
25) Do something I’ve been putting off: like finish redoing my kitchen chairs -totally forgot about this one. Not sure what to do
26) Use 100% natural/homemade cleaning products
27) Go rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)
28) Take a picture everyday -not sure how to finish this with my camera lost/missing.
29) Reduce as much debt as possible -I think I'm spending more...weird
30) Eat with monk like simplicity during lent

*Completed challenges are highlighted in orange
*Challenges that have been started are in green

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