Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 6: For Monkey

Today's 20/20 Home Cure assignment is clean one room. It is not a deep clean, more the surfaces vacuum/mop floors, dust/wipe counter tops. I loved the video addresses the issue of low energy. The first week of a challenge or lifestyle change is easy. There is a freshness to adding new habits. The second week is harder it brings a drudgery feel to completing tasks. The video asks us who are we doing this for -maybe it's for a sock monkey.

Normally when I post about the daily challenge I've already completed it but today I haven't. I can't decide which room to do the surface clean in kitchen or bathroom. I'm leaning towards the kitchen. I'll let you know what I decided tomorrow.

Day 4 Follow Up:
I stumbled onto An Indian Summer while searching for room inspiration. I really would like to combine some of these elements into a room someday. And of the magazines I bought I found the 25 Beautiful Homes most helpful.

Day 5 Follow Up:
Jess, you might find The Natural Clean Home helpful. I picked it up a few months back and have used many of the recipes.

I did buy lemons for the challenge. But it got me wondering, "what eco-products ar avalible in my area". There isn't a great selection. The Sobey's had next to nothing. The Super Store had a few items, even liquid dishwasher soap by Seventh Generation (company recommended in the video). I didn't buy it because I don't have a dishwasher and that would have been silly. ESO, a local natural store, had the best variety. So today I bought EcoLogo's Bathroom Mold & Mildew spray and Ecover's cream scrub. I'll do a product review someday.

P.S. 7 days to NaNoWriMo


Jecca said...

Thanks for the recommendation. i'm glad things are going well for you and this challenge! I cannot say I recommend Seventh Generation. I believe I tried the dish soap a couple years ago and was not impressed. I haven't tried it since though. It might be useful, but I think at this point I prefer to just make my own.

Elizabeth said...

What do you use for your own dish soap?

Jecca said...

Oh, actually, I said that strangely. I was just trying to say I don't use Seventh Generation products and prefer to make my own cleaning products when possible. I have a cold and apparently had too much on the brain when I wrote this comment. lol I have not yet made my own dish soap, and I think it's unlikely I will. Hand soap probably (when my Method runs out), but for now I just buy the Wegman's brand of dish soap (mostly just to avoid purchasing from companies that test on animals). The scent is somewhat milder than high end brands and it's cheaper.