Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13's Friday 5

Today's Friday 5 questions are connected to the word "Type":
  1. What’s a decorative font you really like?
    Lucida Calligraphy
  2. MS Word uses Times New Roman as the default plain font; Apple Pages uses Helvetica. Is there a plain font you like better?
  3. In words per minute, how fast do you type?
    44 wpm.
  4. Who in your life is just your type, but for some reason not romantically compatible with you?
    Pha Ha Ha Ha :)
  5. What’s your blood type??
    No idea


Anonymous said...

You beat me with your typing speed!


Elizabeth said...

But I need to get faster if I ever want to win a word war :)

Nuchtchas said...

I H8 Calibri because for some reason every computer has a different version so when transferring layout files from customer to designer and to the printer it's just annoying... you of course will never experience this :)

Elizabeth said...

No, not something I expect to lost me at every computer :)