Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday -Grandma

I am thankful for...
My Grandma Stewart
This is the Stewart clan at Christmas (minus my dad because he took the picture). I love my family. It was so good seeing everyone! It was a wonderful whirlwind visit but I was so thankful I could see everyone. My family stayed with my Grandma Stewart. It reminded me of the summers I would visit her and Grandpa for a few weeks.

I loved those holidays. I have such good memories of visiting the market with Grandma, walking to the marina with Grandpa in the afternoon, knitting and doing yarn crafts in the evening, and even all of us sitting and reading our own novels. Grandpa encouraged my love of fantasy and is why I'm reading through the Pern books. Grandma shared with me her love of mysteries by introducing me to The Cat Who.... series. I also must give Grandma credit for my love of knitting. I had learned the basics in Brownies but I didn't really get into it until high school. Grandma introduced me to a creative world of knitting possibles. I love to knit today because of my Grandma Stewart.

Those memories are very dear to me. I am so glad for every chance I get to see Grandma. I love her very much and for these reasons I am thankful for her. Happy dance for Grandma!

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