Monday, January 02, 2012

H is for Habits, Home, Happiness & 2012

I love new beginnings. The best time to colour is with a new box of crayons. The most exciting time to write is in a notebook. I love January for this reason. It is a new year full of promise and possibilities. I look forward to setting goals and making resolutions each year. And as much as everyone says "no one keeps resolutions" I actually kept my 2011 challenge of not eating at fast food place. There were a few minor exceptions. Even in those situations I didn't have a burger (which was what I wanted to avoid) and over the year it only happen a handful of times (from almost twice a week). I am happy with the change.

A few years back realized that the goals I was setting were an alliteration. I decided that 2009 I would be The Year of the Letter "C”. The clear goals kept me focused but not overwhelmed and the alliteration was quirky enough that it made remembering fun. So, I kept it going. 2010's goals were centered around the Letter "L” and 2011 was all about the Letter "F". For 2012, the key words are Habits, Home, and Happiness, making this the Year of the Letter “H”.

Habits –I want to improve the habits like my wake up and bedtime routines, monthly menu planning, cleaning the house, writing and editing, and how I spend. There are things I know are good for me like journaling or eating healthy but when my schedule gets full or I feel overwhelmed these good things get pushed to the sides so I can "cope" but create a worst situation. My goal is make these good things more engrained habits so that they don't get lost in the midst of stress.

Home –I love hosting thought none of my friends would know that since no one is ever invited over to my place. That is going to change this year. My apartment is going to go from place I sleep to a welcoming home. The task is more then a little overwhelming so I am breaking it into stages that tie in with the above habits.

Happiness –I realize this seems like an impossible goal. "Happiness" is an allusive, abstract term. How could I actually create happiness? After reading the Happiness Project I realized that there are people and activities that bring me joy. My goal is to makes sure that I am not so stressed or overwhelmed this year in order to have the time to do the things that make me joyful. Those happy things are stuff live board game nights with friends, going to plays, writing, drawing, card making, knitting, hmmm crafts in general, reading, and having people over.

So those my 2012 goals. I think it is going to be great year. What goals, challenge, or resolutions have you set for the new year?


Gloria Sigountos said...

You know Liz this is generally one of my favorite things you do at you blog every year. you're so creative! between you and some other blogs I follow I feel like I should join the party to.

AuroraLee said...

Excellent goals, Liz! Especially the 'habit' one. I hope you share more about this as the year progresses as I could really do some work in this area myself and is, when you really look at what I've 'planned' for the year (that I will probably fail at) that's what it all boils down to.

And as always, if I can help you with any of your goals, let me know! :)

Jecca said...

I am with you completely here! Those echo my goals for this year too. In particular, enjoying beauty for the sake of beauty and focusing intentionally both inward (personal/home) and outward (others/giving/hospitality). I started to organize my living space this past weekend and it feels so much better already!

I hope to get back to at least reading blogs if not writing. That and journaling tends to go out the window when life seems to be running at a pace I can't keep up with, like you said. The absence of those things is my most pointed indicator that things are not in right alignment.

love to you :) <3