Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Writing, Hope & Best Word

Sunday I knew what I was posting every day this week. Actual writing did not follow the plan. Monday I had no energy; the simplest activities drained me. I got dressed and needed a rest. Writing did not happen. Tuesday was similar, I made it to the church and work happened but everything took twice as long. Again, no writing. I missed posting, but I just couldn't. I woke this morning and realized I am sick. I don't like being kills my ability to write. So this is what I would have posted Monday (you'll have to wait till next for the next Talking With an Atheist, sorry).

Best Word is awesome. I love my writing group! My friends and fellow writers motivate me to actually write. Only some times I don't write. I get all excited with organizing the group, finding prompts, sharing tips, and connecting with people that I don't actually use my writing time to write creatively. The plan is to change that this year. Last week, we set out writing for 2012. These were my plans:
  • Each month the group has a reading night when we share what we are working on. I shared once last year. I would like to have a submission to read at 50% of these sharing nights (I read a piece at this months meeting so only five to go)
  • By December I want to be in the habit of writing daily. I can't add this to my life right now but my plan is that in April I start writing 250 words a day. In July I increase to 500 words and in October strive for 1000 words. My other hope is nanowrimo's 1667 daily word requirement won't be such a stretch.
  • I will participate in nanowrimo 2012. I already have the genre, characters, and title. I am really excited for this story.
  • I want to revisit two of my earlier nano novels worlds. I think there are some good parts to the stories but I don't actually know enough about the worlds to work on the next draft. I was to create a binder/scrapbook for each of the worlds to answer some of the basic questions.
  • This last goal I am most excited for (even happy danced when I told non-best word friends). It is actually a goal for the whole group. We are going to self-publish an anthology with submissions from everyone (who wants to) in the group. There are many details to still work out but we have a plan and a time table. It will be good. So excited.
I think they are all possible. I am okay if I don't reach them all. Any fiction writing outside of November will be an improvement on last year.


Nuchtchas said...

I want in on that anthology!!!!

All awesome goals BTW

Gloria Sigountos said...

that's awesome! Good luck!