Thursday, October 11, 2007

Advice Request

This Saturday the teens are gathering at the church for the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt. The idea is for them to be divided into groups based on the number of drivers. Each group will be given a disposable camera, a team mascot, and a list of things to capture on film.

I’m struggling to come up with a picture list. If you have any suggestions funny, practical, impossible, out of this world, or realistic that could make for interesting pictures or interesting adventures trying to take the picture please leave a comment. Thank you.


matthew said...

ummm...make them take a pic of...

1. a celebrity look-alike
2. smallest dog they can find
3. biggest dog
4. house with best halloween decorations
5. pic of a member of the team helping an old woman across the street
6. high school sporting event 'action' shot
7. police car

Those are the 1st 7 things that came to mind

Sarah Gomez said...

great ideas :)
i did this for an event at camp, so I have a whole list on my other computer. They're campy, but maybe some of them will work. I"ll send it to you later.

Robin said...

Local politicians.

Elizabeth said...

Best billboard grammer/spelling mistake they can find.

Combs said...

I had to find specific shapes and letters in Nature for a photography class once. I always thought that was a cool Idea.