Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cat Tales

My cats are jealous of the laptop.

This has been an on going issue the last few weeks. I sit down to blog and they suddenly want to be affectionate and the only suitable place to sit is on the keyboard. This affectivity blocks my sight of the screen and the ability to type. Then they try make up for it by be all cute and loving -rubbing my cheek and licking my nose. If I put the computer down to pet them the jump off till I pick it up again to try and type. It’s been frustration but I never expected it to get worst.

I was wrong. Inu managed to pulled out the cable connecting me to the internet. Not once but twice, with a few failed attempts. He is now hiding in the other room because the last attempted gave him a squirt of water in the face.

In unrelated news, this is bowl of stew(art)’s 300th post, maybe that's why the cats are jealous.


Jecca said...

i hope they leave you alone for nanowrimo! i think many cats must crave attention from the owner at the least convenient time. how frustrating. our cats follow me into the bathroom. lol

Elizabeth said...

mine do that too!

I think I'll have to hide myself in my room and shut the door. I might be the only way to survive nanowrimo.