Friday, October 26, 2007

Liz's 26th and a Half Birthday

This is Steph. Liz doesn't know what to blog, so I'm going to help her.

10 Wonderful things about Liz

1. she's so sweet she doesn't think there should be "10 wonderful things about Liz" on her own blog.

2. She as driven 6 hours on three different occasions to come see me.

3. She's beautiful.

4. She knows how to laugh and have fun in any circumstance.

5. She reads intersting books.

6. She knows how to listen and respond.

7. She's more creative in discussions than just saying "that's stupid and you're wrong".

8. She happily changed a wet diaper for me, even tho she had never used cloth diapers.

9. She tells people wonderful things because she really loves them and means what she says.

10. She's letting me blog this anyway.

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