Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trunk or Treat

I was reminded this morning of a song Beautiful You. I think the lyrics went something like: "You may have dyed your hair a shade that freaks your mother out. It maybe green but it looks clean did you try to rinse it out?" The melody continued to play as I stared at my turquoise-greenish-not-really-blue hair in disappointment.

Last night we attempted to dye Mollies and my hair blue. It is now the colour of swamp sludge. I am a little worried that one friend didn’t even notice the change in colour.

Other big news today was the successful Trunk or Treat at the church. This was a first at our church and it went so well. I've been working on the plans all month and the youth group has been helping me set up the past four days.
Mollie and I went as Thing 1 and Thing 2…we found away around the lack of blue hair. Everything came together better than I had expected. The game stations went well. There was joy and laughter in all corners. And the best part children from the community came. One family with four children said they would be back on Sunday. These are exciting days.

Just 23 minutes till nanowrimo begins, you can still sign up.


Jecca said...

it is indeed upon us. i have 0 is keeping me from having a fluid thought process enough to create a story.

reading blogs is an excellent idea.

and listening to music.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

You need to read my latest comment on Matt's blog. It is a challenge and a calling out to you.

Elizabeth said...

Kirk, I have heard and will answer your challenge with great blogging skills this month...I hope.

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