Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cat Tales

The kitties are growing and finding more ways to get into mischief. To help entertain them and save my furniture I bough them a neat scratching post. I hope it helps. Since disappearing into the framework of the couch Kima has expanded her hide and seek skills. Things have been going missing all across the apartment. Recently I heard the phone ringing but couldn’t find it. Kima had knocked it off the cradle and dragged it under the couch. Mom had hung up before I could retrieve the phone. Currently mysteriously missing the spray bottle used for disciplining…how convenient.

Inu keeps showing me how might he is. He viciously pounces on every spider or ant he sees. The Sunday before ministerial he was outside showing off his hunting skills to the youth group. Sadly, his prey turned out to be a bee and stung his paw…I laughed. I am just glad he’s got a hunter instinct; there will be no mice in the apartment this year, mahahahaha, mice beware.
Picture is from weeks ago, when Inu was still just a little thing. He's getting big.

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