Monday, October 29, 2007

Sixth Hour

It has been a good day. I preached this morning, had lunch and a study with some teens, and tonight was Driven by Eternity. The video’s subject was Heaven. My favourite part was right near the beginning. It wasn’t a thought or anything deep but rather just an odd quote. Bevere was speaking about the beautiful of heaven and said, "I just preached myself happy."

Heaven is always an interesting subject. I found myself nodding in agreement most times but a few had me tilt my head to the side and think "interesting…" These are a few his interesting or new to me thoughts. (Paraphrased so I might have it wrong; he did have verses to back up his thoughts) In the final battle after the millennial reign there will be those who are neutral. They are not the saints but they are not in torment. They live outside the city after the judgment the saints will rule over them. Another is that saints will be able to travel about in an instance. The last was that in the land outside God’s city it will be possible to look down and see those suffering in torment as a deterrent from rebellion.

After we watch the videos we have a group discussion time, with Scott away I facilitated the questions. We had a guest visiting the study for the first time. She mentioned that she was confused by the fact that we could see the suffering and said that she was under the impression that Jesus’ death was for the salvation from everyone why was he sending people to hell. We asked her question which lead to more questions. After I closed in prayer a few woman gathered with the guest to talk with her some more. They came over twenty minutes later to tell me she had excepted Christ into her life.