Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cat Tales

I got into a mini debate with my dear friend Gina this afternoon. We need your help to determine who is right or at least who the majority agrees with. The following poll has each of our thoughts plus two other options that people have given me. Please help us end the dispute. If you want to suggest a different number just make a comment.

How many cats does it take to be a 'crazy' cat lady?
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In other news, Inu and Kima are loving their new scratching post. I like it because it means I am 48% less likely to be used as a scratching post and the furniture has 23% less clawing appeal.


Steph said...

There are currently 5 cats here, 4 adults and 2 children. What kind of crazy is that?

Elizabeth said...

Not really sure Hun, but a different than "cat lady" since there are four adults, two children, and all those cats...maybe just crazy?!? By the way did I ask if I could crash at your place at the end of the month? If I haven't I'm asking now...could I stay the night October 26th...maybe we could even go shopping the afternoon?

To the others who have asked via msn, phone, and facebook. I am NOT planning on getting another cat. Two is enough for me. It was just an odd conversation Gina and I had.

LouLaughlin said...
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LouLaughlin said...

I have two cats and I am a guy... Most guys would say that's two too many. I personally think I have one too many. :-)

My sweetie told me a story about a woman who had 9 cats. No one wanted to go to her house because the cats were in and on everything, and it smelled bad.

I think that after two (three at most), people will think twice about visting your house. When you start getting less visitors you start to feel lonely so you get more cats... It's a bad cycle...

I suppose there are exceptions though, because steph said she has 5 cats, but 6 people... ratio is still good, because that's still less cats than people.

BTW: I have rambled more than I should, but I like your scratching posts... I can't get my cats to use theirs... They use the furniture...