Saturday, October 27, 2007

What a Wonderful Whoopah Wahey Weekend

Main Street Baptist (St. John) was hosting this year’s NB Sunday School Conference last night and today. I spent Friday before the conference started with my dear friend Steph then crashed on her couch last night (while she hijacked my blog). Whirlwind would be another good description of the past two days. There was much driving, hugs, apple cinnamon tea, meeting of new people, free samples, resources bought (3 CDs, 2 books, and a DVD) and crazy kid action songs….oh and I won a DVD for traveling the furthest. Bigger news would be that I drove in St. John for the first time…and didn’t get lost. Credit should go to the high quality directions I was given.

I love kid’s ministry and connecting with others but the draw to this conference was Doug Horley. He lead worship. I was introduced to his CD, Whoopah Wahey! while at Bethany. I am so glad I went. Everything was...whoopah wahey, and I got close to Jesus. Only downside: I can’t get the Okey Dokey song out of my head.

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