Saturday, October 06, 2007

Movie Night

Last night Sheri Horsemen and I went to see The Game Plan. Normally it would not have been my first choice for a movie but it was worth the chance to visit with Sheri. She’s doing her internship at a church in the area. It was wonderful to hang out in person and we were both surprised by the movie.

Before going I had checked out Rotten Tomatoes to see how it rated. The consensus that it was predictable but good for families. That is what we expected from the tough-guy-soft-hearted-football-players to the cheesy predictable plot and lines, and yet it was great. I haven’t laughed so much or been that entertained for awhile, could have been my mood but I think it was that the movie was well done. And then right near the end Shari and I were surprised by an unexpected twist.

If you like this genre or are looking for a family movie its worth seeing.


matthew said...

I also went and saw a movie that I didn't expect to see: Transformers. And while it was mildly entertaining (mostly bc it was in the IMAX theatre), it was also quite cheesy.

Elizabeth said...

I liked Transformers even with the cheese.

Sarah Beth said...

I liked Transformers too! Also, did you know that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is from Amherst Nova Scotia? He's a hometown boy. That's probably why the movie was so good :) How are things going? It's crazy that we live so close and never see each other! I want to head your way to do some apple picking. Not sure if we'll actually get there to do it but if we do, we should totally get together!