Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Message From Myself (Or At Least My Imagination)

I got an email from my imagination the other day. Actually it was misdirected to NaNoWriMo, they passed it on to me. It went like this:

This is your imagination. I know work, school, and general craziness have been keeping us apart lately. But there's something we need to do together this November. It's called National Novel Writing Month. For it, we'll bash out a
50,000-word novel, from scratch, in 30 days.

You and me. Writing a book. Together. I need you to sign us up. Because I don't have any arms.


Anyone else interested in signing up? Just fourteen days till the mad writing begins. I have a vague forming of a characters, crisis, and plot. I hope the details don’t get lost before I am officially allowed to start writing


Steph said...

i'm in

Jecca said...

me too. we're allowed to write down notes and outlines and stuff, just no actual 'book' writing before. i'm feeling the same way though...the ideas come and i'm like, 'go away and come back in two weeks!' thanks for posting about it, liz. i never would have known about it.

Elizabeth said...

yay, two friends to share the joy and panic with. i am getting very excited.