Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ministry Moments

Tonight was the second practice for the Christmas children musical. A few days back I was worried that I’d end up being the choir director. The very thought scared me. I may have taken Music for Children at college but I don’t think I have the first clue about the subject. As it was I ended up being a human metronome clapping the beats for one song. Those who know my un-giftedness with music and rhythm will be amazed to know that I actually did keep the beat…for the whole song.

October 31st is just a week away (eight days till the start of nanowrimo). The church is hosting it’s first ever trunk or treat Halloween night as a "safe fun alternative to traditional festivities". I am really excited but at the same time really nervous it is going to flop. There is still so much to prepare and I am not sure we have enough people signed up to help and there are a few programming issues. I’m also looking for some fun site/carnival game ideas…any suggestions?

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