Saturday, November 17, 2007

And the Winner Is…

That band’s name is –Now Till Sunday. Kudos to Nata (who rocks in my group) for the suggestion and thank you to everyone who voted or made suggestions.

I’ve discovered reading and writing don’t mix. I returned The God Delusion to the library today. It was three weeks over due and I was only 40 pages into it. I might try to read it again in the new year or some time after nanowrimo is done. The trip to the library also had me signing out A measure of a Man again. I have three weeks to finish it, not sure if it will happen.

In other wrimo news: I went to the Coffee Merchant this afternoon, there is a coffee shop in my story that is surprisingly similar, for my well earned chai latte. It was simply wonderful. I had it with a tastily chicken and cranberry sandwich and even splurged a little and tried their pumpkin-ginger spice cheesecake. It was interesting and for the most part very enjoyable, it almost tasted like Christmas till I got a piece of real ginger that wasn’t chopped fine enough.

Word Count: 28,688

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