Friday, November 09, 2007

Writer’s World

This novel is consuming my life. I think about the plot even when I am not in front of my computer and when I am I visit facebook, blogs, or nanowrimo with guilt for procrastinating. I’ve spent the majority of today typing or thinking about typing. Leftover trunk or treat candy is keeping the blood sugar high and the creative juices flowing. I've made good progress and enjoyed listening to WriMo Radio’s podcast on love over lunch. It was worth listening to and I strongly suggest it to my fellow participants. They also had new word count widgets, which I have added to the sidebar. I am still enjoying the challenge but it is like having to write a major paper (2000 words) every day for thirty days on the same fictional subject.

The shoreline is coming along, I am satisfied with its development. A few unexpected things have happened, always fun when the author is surprised. I am looking for some reader participation. My character Lina is the lead singer in an indy band and I am at a lost on what to call it. How you can help is make any suggestions. My plan is to take nominations from now till Sunday. On Monday voting will begin based on the suggestion. The one with the most votes will be used in the novel, unless the name is horrid (bookshelf and my little pony are fine names for fish but not for bands). If it matters Lina has short spiky green hair.

NaNo Word Count: 11,046 out of 50,000


Jecca said...

11,046! That's excellent! I'm planning on spending much of tomorrow doing the same thing. I'm glad it's going so well for you.

No suggestions at the moment. I will have to think about some band names for you. And I will check out the latest podcast.

Nata said...

"My plan is to take nominations from now till Sunday."

In that case, I think you should call the band "Now till Sunday"

Robin said...

I was gonna' suggest "Ray's Band", but I like Nata's better.

Robin said...

I was gonna' suggest "Ray's Band", but I like Nata's better.

Elizabeth said...

Nata I like it. We'll have to see what the rest of bloggerdom thinks. Robin’s “Ray's Band” could take the cake who knows. And a few ideas have come into me verbally.

Anonymous said...

hey liz,
this is kris how about naming the band last chance marie just a suggestion not too sure if you really like it or not!
I am proud of you!