Friday, November 16, 2007

Half Way Point

It is really 4:41 in the morning and I just hit 25,012 words.

This means I get my chai latter later today when stores open and normal people live. Yay for words and chai lattes. If I had energy I would to a happy dance instead I think I am just going to go collapse on my bed.

Yay sleep!


The polls are closed with Viridian and Now Till Sunday tied for first, each with eight votes. Not sure which would be better take a second vote or just flipping a coin . Too bad it couldn’t be a game of rock, paper, scissors to finalise the winner.

Out of the two, Viridian or Now Till Sunday, which should be the band's name and why?

Word Count: 25,093


Robin said...

Congratulations. Yata! Gambate! Etc.!

4:41 AM.

Wow. Do you have to work today?!

Robin said...

It looks like the band name poll is a tie. What are you going to do if it ends in a tie? I'd suggest putting up a new poll with only 2 choices. OR... you could just flip a coin if you wanna' get it over with, I guess.

I like pie.

Jecca said...

OH MY GOSH! Liz, you are...amazing and crazy! lol I'm glad you hit your goal. Yay for chai lattes! :)

Weavers said...

Yay for you liz!! you have been in my thoughs lately pretty lady! I miss you! how are you?

Renata said...

I vote for Now Till Sunday because it was my idea. And that should be good enough! :) :)

Jecca said...

Now Till Sunday...I am now torn between them, but I think it fits. I originally voted for this one. It sounds very emo and can be interpreted in a romantic/miss you kind of way.