Monday, November 05, 2007

Ministry Monday: Flashback to the Weekend

Last night the family called because they weren’t satisfied with waiting till today to hear about my bruised ego, so I told them in advice. For everyone else the story starts in the midst of howling Noel, I was rushing from the cafe to JP. I was rushing mostly to get out of the rain but also because we were late for the last service. I am not sure how it happened, my best guess is that it was my shoes, but I completely lost my balance just at the curb before the JP sidewalk. My knees hit the concert first and then everything else. It happened so fast and all that my mind grasped was sheer pain but I think it would have been hilarious to watch, like something you might have seen on American’s Funniest Homevideos. I rolled over and sat up to catch my breath till the comfort of just sitting was cancelled out but the increasingly wet jeans at which point I stood up and turned to face JP. This is when I realised the entire wipe-out had been witnessed by a youth group filled fishbowl (the glassed entrance of the girl’s dorm). When I walked they all asked me if I was broken. I smiled-a grimace and said just my pride and walked up three flights of stairs only to realise that it wasn’t just my pride but my whole body from my neck down that was broken. Gina was very kind and let me wear her clothes. And that is my close encounter this weekend, it hurt but yet typing it out makes me giggle.

That wasn’t my only encounter of the weekend. As cheesy as it sounds I did encounter God at Encounter (or Booster…or boostounter). It was the not having to organize or leading that allowed me to focus my energy on just being in God’s presence. I like that, being with God not just doing for God.

Atlantic was amazing, it was all my group talked about when I asked them what they liked. I loved the visual connections especially of the enormous cross* hanging down from the sanctuary ceiling and the while paper "streamers" being shot over the cross/crowd during worship when "washed whiter than snow was sung." The three speaker thing was neat. I thought all three connected with the students.

Word Count: um...working on that now, currently 4,774 of 50,000.

*I found the picture on Jenn McCann's Facebook.

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