Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hour Eight

Driven by Eternity was the best tonight, it was more of a sermon that a teaching time which was different from the pervious weeks. He said good stuff. I found myself nodding quite a bit, Amen-ing in more than a few places, and overall challenged. There was so much good said in the forty-five minutes that I am not really sure what to highlight. Three concepts/quotes that stood out to me where:

1) The Kingdom of God is not a democracy, it is a kingdom.
2) When we co-operate with God out of obedience that is true humility.
3) God prepared our assigned tasks in advance (Eph 2:10; Ps. 136:16; and Jer. 1:5) The question is will we fulfil what was planned for us?

Beyond the actual subject matter the two best things were: the return of the statement "I just preached myself happy" and second while talking about Joseph having a vision of leadership then being thrown into the pit he said, "and we know what P.I.T. stands for Pastors In Training." It made me laugh.

This is the last chance to make band name suggestions. Tomorrow night’s post will begin the voting.

NaNo Word Count: 13,107 out of a 50,000

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