Thursday, November 15, 2007

Walking Backwards?

My friend Jeff was asking me what I thought about the "black only" school idea. I don’t watch or keep up with the news; in fact I am pretty oblivious to what is going on in the world around me. I had no idea what he was talking about so I looked up what CTV and CBC had to say.

I can appreciate people wanting to group together. It is why cities have "Little Italy" and Christians have their own elementary schools. We humans like being in bubbles with those who are similar to us. It is comfortable, safe and we have the strength and support of a community but isn’t this separate school a real "nobly motivated" segregation? It seems like a step back. Isn’t this the very thing Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. spoke out against? If it was a white group making the suggestion red flags would be raised. Why is this different? Just my first reaction, what do you think?.

NaNo Word Count: 18,227 hoping to be at 21,000 before I got to bed tonight.

I’ve added the poll box above to make it easier to find. If you haven’t voted your favourite band name vote now! The top suggestion at 11:59pm Friday night will be the group’s name in my story.


jeff said...

I think that I am the mentioned "Jeff". Good article Liz.

This to me seems a bit extreme. What kind of message is it to send to people that they need to be separated. Its one thing for a religion to have a school board, where being part of this community is a choice. Separating people by color is wrong in my opinion, and I was under the impression that was the message people were trying to get out. This would be counter productive in the fight against racism.

Sween said...

Hi liz! I'm still alive!

Elizabeth said...

It has been so long, how's life going? What has been keeping you busy?

Jeff, you are the Jeff, thanks for adding your thoughts.

In the NaNo world: I was no where near my desired word count last night. Is there a fair godmother out there who would want to bequeath me with some 9000 words today? I think it might be the only way to get a happy ending or at least a good night sleep.