Friday, November 02, 2007

In To Deep To Turn Back

Second day into NaNoWriMo and so far so good. I was only able to add a few paragraphs early this morning before driving the youth group to Sussex or "boost-ounter". Not much help to the overall word count but every bit helps. I am thinking of blogging every day like Jessica in hopes that it keeps the creative juices flowing, the challenge from Kirk to step up the blog was the other motivation. Winning Matthew’s "Blogger of the Year" would be neat.

Last night I worked on the story at a local coffee shop, I have become a living cliché. The girl working was very kind; she filled my teacup up with hot water three times helped resolve a character/plot issue. With the problem behind me I should be able to plunk out a few thousand more words.

I’ve added a links list to the other two bloggers I knew participating. Did I miss anyone? If you are just comment and I’ll add you the list and my nano buddies (even though I am not sure how to do that yet).

Word Count: 3270/50,000

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