Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seventh Hour

Driven by Eternity was looking on the believer’s judgment. Using Scripture he talked about how followers of Jesus build on the foundation of Christ and we can either build with gold, silver and precious stone or with hay, straw, and wood. And that God will be looking not just at words and works but our motives. He then went on to explain that we can’t judge our motives only God can but we are to keep a pure conscience before God. I think this is where the weekend caught up with me cause the two statements seemed to contradict each other. If we can’t know our motives how are we to keep pure motives? Maybe that is not what was being implied but that is what confused me.

The statement that stood out to me was that the believer’s judgment isn’t about where they will spend eternity but how they will spend it. I see that each will be blessed according to how they have lived on earth but with that affect their quality of life too? I might re-watch the lesson later this week when my brain is not thinking about how gloriously sweet sleep is. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s account of boostounter and my crushed ego.

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