Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Wait?

I like new things. In elementary school I loved the first week when the brand new pencil crayons were still sharp. I love writing on the first page of a new journal. I love January 1st because it feels like a chance for a new start. I like making the resolutions and a list of goals. I like all these things till the newness wears off, the lead breaks, the pages wrinkle and ripe, and the desired change is forgotten.

Only I realized recently that I did make three of my resolutions a reality this year. I have stopped biting my nails, I’ve posted more frequently (in fact I have blogged more this year that the pervious two years combined) and I’ve nearly finished writing a novel. It got me thinking, why wait till the first to make a New Year’s resolution? Why not start the change today? So I’ve decided this week to work on one area of my life. I want to be a better grocery shopper. So my plan is two fold, I am going to keep a food log that tracks the cost of items I buy so I will know what a good deal is and I am going to make weekly menu plans and sick to them.

Wrimo word count: 45,872

I feel like an author tonight and it is not because I am about to post or that my novel is almost done (4000 words to go). No, tonight I feel like an author because of the sweater I am wearing. It’s a brown thick knit sweater with large wooden buttons. The sleeves cover the my palms so all I can see are my fingers as I type and it just gives me the feeling of a writer.


Elizabeth said...

The best part of this post is about your sweater. Classic.

And, you will find that planning menus saves you quite a bit of money when you grocery shop. Just stick to it!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I love my sweater! And I need the reminder to just keep at it...that's where I fall short so often.

glo said...

Congradulations on almost being done. if you have seen my blog you know i ain't been doing so good.