Saturday, November 03, 2007

Movie Night: A Walk To Remember

The Booster activities are over. Are group is spending the night, didn’t want to get in at 2am. So we went to Tim’s for a bit, checked out the student centre, and now the girls and are back in JP just hanging out. I should be working on the novel but words just aren’t coming…oh procrastination how sweet is my bitter enemy. The girls put in A Walk To Remember. It seems weird that TVs are allowed in rooms now.

I forgot how good this movie is. I am really enjoying it. It is much more enjoyable than writing. This might be one of my top ten favourite movies or at least one of my top chick flicks. Definitely worth owning. There is a part near the beginning about knowing who you are that I think would fit with a talk we’re going to be having in the next few weeks. I’m glad to be right here, right now, with these girls, watching this movie.

Word Count: 4,217/50,000 only 45,783 words to go.

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