Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cat Tales

You know those cute commercials with the white kittens gently play with balls of soft toilet papers rolls that is not reality. Older kittens alone with that much toilet paper does not equal cute; it only leads to a gigantic shredded mess.

One night about two weeks ago, I was madly writing when I realised that I was able to write without interruptions. Normally when I get into a writing zone Inu and Kima decided that is the best moment to sit on my lap regardless if there is a laptop there or not. But they were no where to be found. Turns out they had gone into the bathroom, batted about the door, it closed and they were trapped. They’ve done this to themselves a few times but I’ve also encouraged them to hide out in there so I could work on the novel.

The downside of their time alone is that they have discovered the shelf that stores the rolls of toilet paper. I had a mess to clean up last night and this evening. I some times wonder why I have cats…then I remember there are no mice in the apartment this fall, which is a very good thing.

Wrimo New: three days left in the nanowrimo challenge and just under 5,000 words to go.


Robin said...

Wow, you're almost there!

Jecca said...

way to go liz!!!

and yes, cats always get into trouble. sometimes i wonder why i have them too, but then they cuddle with me while i sleep and i'm reminded what made me want them in the first place.