Monday, November 26, 2007

Ministry Monday: The Cereal Bowl

November 10th the youth group had it’s first ever Cereal Bowl. I was thinking about sharing about it right after it happened but better three weeks after the fact then never?

The idea came from Egad! where I get most of my crazy game ideas from. The premise is there is bowling followed by a breakfast cereal pot-luck. Joined together they make a cereal-bowl. I love the cheesy punny event name. To add to the fun I invited anyone willing to wear appropriate pajamas keeping with the morning theme.

The night went really well. Bethany’s Testify team was visiting for the next days service and joined in the bowling fun. Four of the members shared about their relationship with God to close out the night. The night went better than I could of hoped for. Only downside was the first snow had caused bad roads on the mountains keeping a few of the teens away. An added join Gina, Kelly, and Cale came. Yay for bowling fun and yummy sugary goodness!

I have to ministry related questions this week:

1) I am working on the youth Christmas party. We wanted to rent lazer tag gear but the cost is just too much. Any other suggestions of what we could do?

2) I want to make Advent calendars with the children this Sunday but the best Nativity craft I’ve been able to find is from the Latter Day Saints. It is almost exactly what I want. I might try and adapt it but I would prefer something different. Does anyone have a suggestion or a site that might help?
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Steph said...

You know, the LDS craft is pretty neat, why not adapt that one - just changing the scriptures/activities where needed? Yes, it's LDS, and they have messed up beliefs....but what if your idea for the cerial bowl had come out of a book for camp activities and not a Christian book? Would you have thought twice about it or just adapted it to fit your needs?

Point being, ifit's adaptabe and it fits what you want, does the source really matter that much?

Elizabeth said...

Steph, I agree it is neat and well done. I like the nativity puzzle idea. The fact that it's done by the LDS is an issue but only a small one. I do feel a little odd using it, because in away it is supporting their site but the problem is the B/W print out doesn’t make a good colouring sheet, which is a my issue because it give the kids less involvement. To adapt it I think I would have to redraw/trace the scene.

What I am wondering is if anyone knows of another advent calendar craft that doesn't involve Santa (that was the only other sites I could find). Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well the first time around.