Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #38

I am thankful for:

-God bringing everything together because I just couldn’t
-pretty year plans that seem to fit
-my vacuum cleaner and a clean living room floor
-last night’s kid’s Christmas practice not ending with another flooded bathroom floor
-painting finished
-my church family
-being rescued when I forget to put gas in my car (Gina you are my hero)
-movie nights and just hanging out friends (Gina, Amy, and Kelly this is you)
-phone calls with friends who live too far away to visit (Steph and Aaron this is you)
-story help (thanks Jeff!)
-and last but not least…I am thankful for my American friends.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, eat turkey and a slice pumpkin pie for me!
Wrimo Word Count: 34,049


Robin said...

What are "pretty year plans" ???

Steph said...

Will I be able to see you in December?

Elizabeth said...

Robin -"pretty year plans" is a lovely outline of hopes and dreams I wrote out yesterday for the children's ministry that includes some cool events and the use of new curriculum.

Steph -I would love to see you in December but I am not sure I can leave, would you want to come see me?