Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hour Eleven

I felt like I had missed the boat for the first part of tonight’s Driven by Eternity. It was part two of Bevere’s messed titled Multiplication. I missed last weeks study because of RITV and they did two lessons that night in order for us to finish next week.

He did a quick review then began to give areas where grace can be multiplied in our lives. They were giving, prayer, and serving in ministries. Like the past weeks nothing he said was new to me but the topics felt more concentrated. It was one of the best teachings I’ve heard on giving money. I felt challenged but not like he was begging.

The two big take things that hit home to me was when we partner with a ministry by giving, prayer, or serving (even if it is something small that goes unnoticed) we are credited/rewarded for the good they do in Heaven. Made me think of that Ray Boltz song "Thank You". The second thing was that our attitude and motivation also affects our reward. If we do grudgingly it is nothing but cheerful giving is honored and rewarded. I think I need to let the message marinate in my mind a bit longer.

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Elizabeth said...

Ray Boltz....awesome.