Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Appreciated, Half Way, and a Song

There is so much good NaNoNews!

First, it's ML Appreciation Day, have you your ML yet? Cause the NS::Elsewhere have. It is unbelievablely awesome all the joy and joyful they showered upon me. The show of love was beyond the moon. OH MY THEY ARE AWESOME! Awesome and organized. It was grand. It started with envelopes with cards for free coffee given to me every fifteen minutes before. For me the thanks and free caffeine would have been enough but then came the gifts. WOW! I was loved. A knit plot bunnies, nano-themed scarf, candles, pens, a notebook, a heart full of words, and a VIP subscription to my favourite writing magazine. Yay for not having to buy it off the rack. I LOVE THESE WRITERS!

Second, I passed the half way mark last night! 25,000 words -done! I am choosing to ignore the fact that the half way point was a week ago.

Third, next years plot idea, brainstorming, and working title is figured out.

Fourth, I'm on a roll gathering points so here is the calendar I made:

NaNo Song of the Week:

NaNo Word Count:
26,180/50,000 (currently averaging 1,190 words not the 1,667 needed to win by Nov 30th at this rate of wording I'll be done December 12th. Much better than the January 18th finishing projected a few days ago)


Nuchtchas said...

Love the calendar :) YAY for Halfway, and I appreciate you all the way from NB

Glo said...

oh, your group sounds like so much fun! and congratulations for getting to the halfway point. 25,000 is nothing to sneeze at.