Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Dance Time!

With twenty minutes to spare I crossed the NaNo finish line, earned a purple "WINNER!" bar, heard the cheering and whooping from the OLL staff, and the satisfaction of knowing that I wrote a "novel" (it is really more of a rough pre-first draft outline but it has flying moose) in 30 days. And now it is time to edited...

...hmm nope, let's try that again: And now it is time to edited for a long winters nap...but first it is Victory Dance Time!

*happy dance, happy dance, happy dance*

Also eating cookies, feeding the cats, and cleaning out the fridge, and everything else that I said could wait till December to be done.

Thank you to all my friends and fellow writers. I loved this year but it seemed more challenging. The ideas and words did not flow. It has been an interesting month, as you can see but the progress chart:
I would have given up a few times except for your encouragement. So thank you to everyone not only cheered me on but who put up with my whining and kicked my procrastinating butt into gear. Thank you to everyone on facebook who liked my word count updates. It made the last 48hours easier. Writing is a solo activity, however I don't these 50,294 words exist without you. THANK YOU!

Music also helped, I was listening to many of the NaNo Parodies today. Including Still Alive, a spoof of the Portal credit song Still Alive. It might be my favourite and the Last NaNo Song of 2011:

If you are the type that enjoys singing along, can appreciate a good parody, or just reading fun lyrics here they are:

This was a triumph
I finished my novel
It's hard to over state my satisfaction

I'm done nanowrimo
I've written a book because I can
Fifty thousand words this month
Except the ones who have failed

But there's no sense crying over spelling mistakes
Now it's time to edit - this will be a headache
Though the novel draft is done - don't want to read it, won't be fun
But at least I'm still a-live

I hope I can sleep now
I drank more caffeine than what was safe
I wonder if my family went and left me

I'll show them my novel
I hope they won't throw it in a fire
Maybe they - will e - ven say - "I am so happy for you"

Now my book has plots that don't really make sense
And the prose is boring and some of it is dense
I don't really have a style, and the writing's juvenile
But at least I'm still a-live

This month almost killed me
I don't want to touch the book at all
Need to figure out what I should do with it

Maybe I'll Publish!
Anyway this bed is great, don't think I've seen it this month

Look at me avoiding this draft I just wrote
I don't think it's any good, I can't sit around and gloat.
But the writing is done, and december has begun
Am surprised I'm still alive.

PS: Can you believe it I'm still alive.
PPS: I need my bed and I'm still alive
PPPS: It was FANTASTIC and I'm still alive

Final Thought: Anyone care that I'm still alive.

Final Thought PS: Where are my friends? I Am still alive.



P.S. And with this post I also completed the NaBlogPoMo challenge of posting every day for 30 days! Yay blogging!


Glo said...

I am so happy for you!

Janey said...

Yea for you!
We did it - again.

See you Monday?


Anonymous said...

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