Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Let the Writing Begin

November is here!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!
Happy November First!

Early this morning, about a half hour after November began so did my novel writing. It was painful. The words are just not coming out. It is going to be a long month. It's the first day and I have writer's block.

In past year’s by mid-September I’ve had outlines and ideas and scenes all mapped out in my head and a title or a possible working title. By the last week of October I was counting down the hours till I could write. This year...nothing. Well, a little something. I started getting the first hints of ideas about a week ago.

My main character is a dragon, I’m setting it back in Eldamar with it’s magical talking clouds, giant pigs, and witty trolls. It’s going be a story about friendship, hope, and liberation. I was talking about it with some friends and they commented that it was a dragon Moses story something like “Let My Dragons Go”. Yep, something like that yet I still don’t know what to call it and I’m looking for title suggestions. Any idea what I could call my novel about a dragon freeing the dragons? If so leave a comment, if there are enough suggestions I might open title selecting to a vote.

Also Happening This Month:
Day Seven of the 20/20 Home Cure -buy more flowers for the apartment. I’m going to do that on my drive home.

NaBloPlMo -posting everything day in November. We'll see how that goes.

There are a lot of talented NaNo youtubers out there. Over the month I'm going share some of my favourite nano and writing themed songs:

Monday’s NaNo Video:

NaNoWriMo Progress:
824/50,00 words


The Host said...

I write Corporate Communications for a living. I see a blinking cursor staring back at me more often than I care to admit. The only thing I have found that helps is to start typing. Something. Anything. Even if it's crap. Of course, that means I sometimes submit crap to design but meh...

ps, found you via NaBloPoMo, nice to "meet" you! :)


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with "Let My Dragons Go"?

Also I am doing a Nov. challenge too - 30 characters in 30 days. See my art blog www.skitzoman.com