Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Where Is My Sonic Screwdriver When I Need It?

I was watching youtube the other day, procrastinating, when I found this video 5 Things I Don't Like About Doctor Who:

I love the Doctor and was expecting to hate the video. I was pleasantly surprised;it was well done, humorous, and made some valid points. I especially loved number 2 "Sonic Screwdriver Has Unlimited Functions" (it starts at 1:13).

I think need a sonic screwdriver....I have a huge plot hole!

Late last Friday night, very very late. I was trying to make word count but I was bored with the story. I made the choice to spice things up with an earthquake. The catastrophe killed a minor character. Then I didn't write on Saturday and totally forgot about the earthquake/death by Sunday and have been writing as if neither event happened ever since.

Oh well, I can fix that in December....right?
8320/50,000 Word Count

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David said...

It bugs me a little that the screwdriver is used as a kind of deus ex machina device, I think people are right to say it makes writers kind of lazy. I couldn't believe it in the Hungry Earth episode with the Silurians, where the Doctor was almost using it as a weapon... a weapon!
In the late 70's the producers made sure the writers didn't lean on the device too much, and in 1982 it was destroyed and written out of the series basically until the 2005 reboot.

I guess it's like Batman's utility belt, where the audience has a threshold of credulity as to how much crap he was actually able to cram in there. Homing devices? Sure. Grappling hook? Obviously. Aerosol can of shark repellant? Hmmmm...

I bet Inspector Gadget never had that problem!