Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 82

FOR TODAY: November 6, 2011
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Outside my window...morning.

I am thinking...something has to change with my novel or I will never finish it because at this moment I hate everything I have written.

I am thankful for...daylight savings and an extra hour of sleep. Just to explain for those who might not know. I'm a youth pastor and I took a group of my teens to Encounter a two day rally at Bethany Bible College. Last rally ended at 8pm last night...then we drove home. It was a very late night.

From the kitchen...ate cafetria food all weekend (at Encounter) and now my body hates me.

I am wearing...the Supergirl costume, again.

I am creating...there is only noveling happening.

I am sleep for the the next year.

I am reading...who has time to read?

I am fix my lost plot and fall in love with my novel.

I am hearing...the band practice.

Around the house...there is time for only noveling at home.

One of my favorite things...sleep after a youth trip.

A picture to share...

Robin and Supergirl at Trunk or Treat

1 comment:

Avid Diva said...

You go SuperGirl!

Oh, and for your body hating you, greek yogurt. It works.