Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Hannah

I am thankful for...

This girl is fantastic! She has so much energy, creativity, joy, and passion. We met this summer shortly after she moved to the area from BC and hit it off. We've got so many hobbies and interests in common that it is a joy to be able to geek over craft supplies with someone.

Last Monday, Hannah volunteered her time and photography skills to take pictures of all the little heroes at my church's Trunk or Treat. It was awesome! And tomorrow she's going to help me create a costume for Hal-Con. I am so excited because we've been wanting to have a craft day for awhile. I'm also excited because there is no way I could get everything done without a friend. For these reasons and just because she is who she is I am very thankful for Hannah!

Things Unrelated to Thankful Thursday (but important to me):
1. Word Count is 8740/50,000
2. I started my sword for the Hal-Con costume
3. There is still so much to do on the Hal-Con costume
4. Hal-Con is this weekend!

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