Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Making a Weekend Sundae

The NaNoWriMo site is down, again, so I am unable to update my word count making this a perfect moment to recount my favourite moments from the weekend. And the metaphor I'm using is a yummy tasty sundae cause I like ice cream and I liked Hal-Con (and I am sleep deprived and my brain is being silly).

If this weekend were a sundae then the ice cream were the people I spend it with. Ice cream is the foundation of a good sundae and so were my friends. I love my people. They are great; they made Hal-Con awesome. I think I would have been happy sitting and chatting with them the whole time. That would have been good enough but the fun didn't stop there....there was more than just ice cream. There were tasty toppings:

1) Mark Oakley knowing and liking my costume.
2) Earning a free book in a writing panel for asking a good question and being witty.
3) All the costumes. There were so many amazing characters. Once Re uploads her pictures I will share them.
4) Good moderators
5) The Inner Space guy remembering my names hours after we chatted
6) Someone asking for my picture because they thought my costume was well made.
7) Making plans for a group costume for next years Hal-Con
8) Making connections with two authors to possible visit Best Word.

Inner Space has a two minute video up on their site that give a great overview of the con. You should be able to find it here.


AuroraLee said...

I saw 'Sundae' and 'hal-con' and immediately thought - where did you find a sundae and how was I not with you???? Now I want a sundae....

Also, I agree that hanging out and chatting for the whole weekend would have been equally awesome :P

Elizabeth said...

Ice Cream would totally have been awesome this weekend :)