Monday, November 07, 2011

Need More Words

NaNoWriMo is entering the second week. I am feeling discouraged about finishing. It has felt like the third week writing blahs since the second day. And the novel stats have NOT been helping. The stats have all these new features that I am guessing should encourage and motivate but they aren't. It tells you how many words you average a day (849). The words you've written today (0). When you will finish if you keep writing that the current rate (Dec 28th). And the most helpful/discouraging the words per day I would need to write to finish on time (1836). I am so far behind and I hate my novel.

There are plot holes, lame characters, cliches, and just bad prose. Not sure where to go with the story next...and I'm procrastinating by finding great NaNo themed songs like this one:

NaNoWriMo Progress:
5944/50,00 words


Natalie said...

Everything is completed one word at a time. Try not to think how much further to 50k you have to go, but how many more words to finish a sentence. Eventually you'll get there.

Avid Diva said...

Keep going, it gets better. Stop worrying about your word count and about how much you hate your novel.
We are often our own worst critics.
Just keep writing, like Natalie said, one word at a time. It will happen. Have faith in yourself. I'm only at 6000 words. You think I am worried? Not one bit. We will make it.