Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Mark

I loved my 2009 nano-novel "Across Eldamar." It was the first story post-nano that I actually wanted to edit. Only the actual editing is taking longer than I had expected. One afternoon mid-winter 2010 I decided to try a cafe a friend recommended while working on the second draft. I was suck and uninspired. I wanted to give up and shove the story in a folder to collect dust.

The cafe had a local artist's work on the walls. It was all seemed to be set in this epic adventurous world. As I played with the wording and story ideas the art encouraged me to keep going. It gave voice to the world, almost like it showed me what my world could be like. I loved everything. It was beautiful. I wanted to buy every piece. I asked who the artist was and was told it was a guy in Wolfville. The girl gave me a website and I found where I could buy the first of his comics. Without that afternoon I think I would have given up. For this reason I am thankful for...

Mark Oakley

His paintings and art work inspire me. I love them. My Hal-Con costume was based on one of his characters -I am a fangirl. But I appreciate Mark for more than just the comics and paintings. Since that afternoon in the cafe we've met. It think it was through Donna. And then we got to know each other and hang out. I was so surprised that this amazing artist who had inspired me and saved my working wanted to be my friend, it's awesome. We are friends. He is a great addition to the writing group when he can make it. I love his stories and ideas. I love listening to him talk about anything. I love days when we bump into each other and sit down for a chat about anything and everything. He is such a neat person.

I wish everyone could meet me friend Mark. He is fantastic. I love his perceptive, sincerity, joy, creativity, and passion. He cares about people and listens. He writes great stories and exciting adventures. And I love when he gets excited and does his happy with life bouncing dance. It is for those reasons I am truly thankful to call Mark my friend!

OH! If you are interested in Mark's work visit I Box Publishing.

Things Unrelated to Thankful Thursday (but important to me):
1. Word Count is 15,208/50,000
2. I have a new working title "The Dragons of Eldamar"
3. Noveling made me cry last night
3. I may or may not expound on the cause for tears in the future.

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