Saturday, November 26, 2011

Write All Night

The night ended at 8:00am this morning when I crawled into bed but it started with live music. The Chimney Swifts had a house concert and it was grand! I love them! They were great and I can't wait till they have a CD. About 10:30pm, after three sets, I walked over to the Wolfville Wrimos Second Annual Write All Night (it happens every year -that's why it's annual).

The purpose was to write, write, write. I think there was more eat, chat, giggle, chat, eat, write, chat, 4am run to MacDonald's, eat, write, chat, giggle, eat or something like that. My personal word goal was 5000. I managed to put 3,673 words in some type of structure that resembles prose.While it might not have been my best writing ever it was some of the most enjoyable nonsense I have written this month. The lack of sleep lead to some neat additions to my story. This was my favourite twist that began around 2am:
Farwin, our heroic dragon, is going to be eaten by giant spiders if the Hopscotch the iguana cannot enlist the help of a herd of flying moose (flying meece?)

It will need a lot of work in December and beyond but I really like the Sisterhood of Spiders and the Elder Sister who leads the clan of over sized arachnids. The night was wonderful. It is hard to put the 12hours (9 that I was there for) into words so I am going to end with some quotes that stood out to me -my apologies some of them were funnier at 3am:
"This is the funniest night ever, i know it was funny but i was too tired at the time to actually remember what was said but i know it was funny."
"I might be three hours away from cannibalism."

Re: "Liz, don't do that it is a grammatical sin"
Me: "I am a sinner"
Re: "Stop making the English language cry"

Re: "When she looked at him she got weak in the knees"
Jane: "Actually I was look at the nachos"

"Liz, you have a sisterhood of spiders; do they wear traveling pants?"

So that was my Friday night and it was FANTASTIC!

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