Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bright Days

The challenge of blogging everyday is thinking up what to write about. Thankfully NaBlogPoMo has a great list of prompts. The question "What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far?" inspired this list of great moments:

10) Reading the hobbit with my family
9) Standing on the bluffs at Zion Hill talking about clouds with my youth pastor Ken
8) Opening night of Grease in high school (I was Frenchie)
7) Travailing on summer team in 2002 & 2003
6) Ordination
5) Animal watching in African game parts (Kruger, Hlane, Mlilwane, and Mkhya)
4) Climbing Mt Fugi (maybe just the coming down the other side)
3) Any chance to hug my sister and family moments after getting off a plane
2) Riding the Disney tea cups with my family
1) Holding my baby sister for the first time

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